Marmite Pasta

I’m one of those people; I like Marmite. I didn’t start eating it until after visiting Scotland in 2016. TC and I bought a jar for the Finder Man as a joke gift. One day, I opened the unassuming little jar in the pantry to give it a whirl. Lo and behold, it’s actually great […]

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Ave Atque Vale

For all five of you longtime readers of Gothic Granola nee Screwfoot Q, this is goodbye.  Gothic Granola is done, and I’m turning out the lights behind me.  We’ll see how much longer it’s worthwhile to me to pay for the hosting and domain registration.

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My Nemesis, Masa Pancakes

Pancakes, in general, are my culinary nemesis. I want justice for a voice that can’t be heard VNV Nation’s “Nemesis” is a pretty vegan kind of song, since veganism entails being a voice for the voiceless, i.e., non-human animals.  If your definition of veganism is expansive and intersectional, a la third- and fourth-wave feminism, then […]

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Grilled Leek Colcannon

Let’s just say that I’m super-thankful I get to eat chocolate-banana protein smoothie with chocolate cereal for breakfast because I’m an adult and I can make my own choices. I also saved a bunch of money on BLOG HOSTING! (I bet you thought I was going to say car insurance. Nope!)  I’m baaaaack with Blogger! […]

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