April Corporate Wellness Article Roundup and Pistachio Blondies


omega 3 powerhouse muffins gothic granola

Here’s an article I saw this week about the dearth of Omega-3’s and overabundance of Omega-6’s in the American diet.

Hence, we have more than double the linoleic acid in our body fat as do our parents’ generation, and fatty acid turnover in adipose tissue can take years. So you may feel the health effects of your diet from the past year or two, even if you switch to a healthier diet.

Besides the importance of supplementing with Omega-3’s (preferably eating Omega-3 rich foods before turning to supplements), the point about the “delay” in your healthier habits taking hold reinforces the idea that you just have to give things time. The body doesn’t repair itself overnight. Major health changes through behaviour change are not easy, and the rewards don’t come quickly, but they will pay off with consistent effort over time.

How about some Omega-3 Powerhouse Muffins?

Speaking of diet, I saw this “what I eat in a day” article a few months ago and thought of it again when Carla at Whip My Assets brought up this double standard in bodybuilding. So true.

Much as I hate to reference the high carb vegans and all their name-calling, they may be right regarding the Plenish founder’s diet. CARB (and protein) THE FUCK UP! Especially if you’re exceeding the baseline recommendations for physical activity. </dietshaming> And that “shaming” bit is said with tongue firmly sticking out of my mouth :-p.

How about a sweet potato?

simple gifts sweet potato supper vegan gluten-free| gothic granola


This article has some excellent pointers about that corporate wellness craze, standing desks.

I have used a standing desk (and had a job at which I had to stand all the time) since 2012. Love it. When I began my current job in October 2013, I noticed fat creeping back into my hips and gut because I was sitting (on an exercise ball chair–best $90 I spent in 2012). Sure, when used properly, exercise ball chairs are a good ab and back workout, but you’re still sitting. Those first couple of weeks, when I returned to the office each Monday, my abs and back were a little sore from adjusting to the chair again. They’re also fun for stretching.


Dammit, now I want another one.

BTW, that mat the CBS article suggests? That’s not optional. I stand (in my bare feet now) on top of a mat I got at Big Lots (Home Depot/Lowes for “anti-fatigue mats”). I learned that the mat was essential at WFM. Standing on tile floor or industrial-grade carpet is killer for your knees and feet…and I already have flat feet.

Here’s a recipe that’s the antithesis of corporate wellness advice, but I am suspect of any diet that avoids dessert. That’s just setting you up for a fall or makes you swallow some overly-moralistic language about “cheat meals.” Forget that!

Cut ’em up small, freeze ’em, and/or send them home with your co-workers…and also bake with ingredients that are generally healthy in moderate portions!

Pro tip: to acquire coconut cream, place a can of full-fat (aka: the not watered-down kind) coconut milk in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. When you open the chilled can, the hard-ish white stuff on top is the cream.


pistachio butter blondies vegan gluten-free |gothic granola


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