Maple Oatmeal Cookies

There are some cookies that just get down on their knees and beg to be rewritten.  Not such a tough cookie now, are you?!

maple oatmeal cookies | vegan gluten-free | gothic granola
MINE, says Poppet bun.

In an effort to shill their overpriced* maple syrup, Whole Foods included a mere $1 coupon in their latest Whole Deal booklet for the fall, and the marketers also shared a recipe for maple oatmeal cookies.  The recipe calls for 1/2 cup maple syrup, which is a LOT of maple syrup (that’s $2.37 worth of maple syrup–4 fluid ounces–in this recipe).  While TC wanted these cookies, he was also horrified that I’d use that much maple syrup in one go.  Nota bene that I already had some on-sale maple syrup from Safeway to make these cookies, and actually none of the ingredients I used were purchased in the–not one, but two–trips to the WFM in Frisco last weekend.  Neither of the trips were intentional, as I avoid as hard as I can the world’s leading organic grocer (former employee, after all; buy me a kombucha and I will tell you stories).

No, I’m not done hating on WFM!  The recipe, as written, would’ve produced crispy little granola cookies.  If I want granola, I’ll make granola.  Also, it had no leavening.  I’ve been baking cookies by myself for a while (OK, about ten years; Ownie Mom finally told me how to make Miceli Brownies in the latter part of my high school career).  Vegan cookies made without leavening…are probably a bad idea, unless it’s shortbread.  Let’s not uphold that stereotype that vegan cookery is all dense and wet, shall we?

[yumprint-recipe id=’31’] 

The cookie inspection crew is here.
The cookie inspection crew is here.

Music stuff you should support this week:

16 Volt’s new album is out [already for Indiegogo supporters including yours truly] next week!  Check out The Negative Space for an alternating combination of chill-out and rage tunes. Can’t wait to dive into those lyrics!

This song is made for taking to the club: the music video for Third Realm’s “Dance Like You Wanna Die”  from the album Psychosis is on YouTube, and you should watch it.  Dancing alternative humans and sort-of subliminal messages, people–the stuff re-watchable music videos are made of.

(Alas, there shall be no dancing like we wanna die outside of the gym, as there are no remotely electro-friendly venues in Winter Park!)

*$18.99 USD for 32 fl oz. at WFM versus $12.99 for 32 fl oz. at Costco

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