How to Season and Maintain Cast Iron Cookware

Discussion of cast iron pan maintenance for finicky people and vegans.

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Sea Breeze Sourdough Cake

Due to holiday baking and general baking, I ran out of coconut sugar. For 2015, I’m still on the low-sugar kick (as in minimizing white sugar, organic sugar, the granulated stuff) because it was very helpful in maintaining a stable mood. Don’t need to throw off my meditation practice because I’ve been eating blood sugar […]

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Beet Sourdough Muffins

I actually don’t have a sermon screed today, which probably means one is brewing. I finished Beachbody INSANITY for the second time this morning. Like a customer at WFM said last year, it’s harder the second time around. Indeed. This time, though, I didn’t go as extreme, and I don’t think the absence of INSANITY […]

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The Joy of Toys | Sourdough Coffee Cake

**GOTHIC GRANOLA PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT** This blog is in a serious state of reconstruction. We have switched from Blogger to WordPress thanks to the patient and thorough guidance of Jason at Site Image Studios. Themes will change pretty much daily. It’s like shopping for clothes…no, wait, shopping for clothes is way more straightforward. Jason made […]

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