My Nemesis, Masa Pancakes

Pancakes, in general, are my culinary nemesis. I want justice for a voice that can’t be heard VNV Nation’s “Nemesis” is a pretty vegan kind of song, since veganism entails being a voice for the voiceless, i.e., non-human animals.  If your definition of veganism is expansive and intersectional, a la third- and fourth-wave feminism, then […]

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Vegan “Mayo” and Coleslaw

When my parents gave me a Vitamix blender for a graduation present, my mom and I soon realised, as I was reading the accompanying cookbook aloud one afternoon, that there was a Vitamix “lifestyle.” Much like California cuisine, which highlights fresh ingredients and often merges cultural cooking styles, the Vitamix cookbook emphasized using the freshest […]

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Sweet Potatoes and Cats

More of this spiritual materialism, in the form of curating an experience to be shared on the interwebs. Oh, and the vegan gluten-free sweet potato bread was good. Don’t get me started about wasting time and materials on people.

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