Icing Tart and Cream Cheeze Woes

Last week, my mom made chocolate cream cheeze frosting for chocolate cupcakes for my super-sweet sixteen (graduation) party, and the frosting never set.  She used blue-label Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese, which contains partially hydrogenated oils, tastes chalky, and weeps in the fridge.        

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Breakfast Muffin Screed

Why is there an egg in the original recipe for “Banana-Flax Breakfast Muffins?”  The recipe has a quarter cup of ground flaxseed, which is equivalent to 4 eggs in the vegan baking world.  The egg  seems to add only unnecessary cholesterol since the chemical leaveners and buttermilk and flaxseed do an excellent job of leavening […]

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Cornbread, Lazy Muffins, Muffbars

I’ve referenced this cornbread recipe too much not to post it, finally.  This is my “I need food now” bread for weekend mornings. It’s similar to this cornbread, but it’s not the same. Speaking of Breakfast, on Saturday, I discovered the joys of eating acorn squash cornbread and pumpkin smoothie with chopsticks. Smoothie: 1 cup […]

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