Marmite Pasta

I’m one of those people; I like Marmite. I didn’t start eating it until after visiting Scotland in 2016. TC and I bought a jar for the Finder Man as a joke gift. One day, I opened the unassuming little jar in the pantry to give it a whirl. Lo and behold, it’s actually great […]

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Beer and Pizza

Post I of III on vegan and gluten-free beer Pizza and beer…well, for me, I’d like root or birch beer to drink with pizza, not the hard stuff.  However, beer-braised onions are one of the summer grilling season’s delights that I miss terribly.  This recipe would be a tonne of fun to make on the […]

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No-Cook Chilli

Speaking of flesh, my mom and I made chilli side-by-side last year, she making carnivorous chili and I making vegan chilli.  Chilli is one of those dishes that I think people can get really up-in-arms about since everyone knows someone who makes a good one.  Or they make a good one themselves.  I offer a […]

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