My Nemesis, Masa Pancakes

Pancakes, in general, are my culinary nemesis. I want justice for a voice that can’t be heard VNV Nation’s “Nemesis” is a pretty vegan kind of song, since veganism entails being a voice for the voiceless, i.e., non-human animals.  If your definition of veganism is expansive and intersectional, a la third- and fourth-wave feminism, then […]

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G-Fr33 | Mug Cake

“What really happens to you if you eat gluten, though?”Women’s Health Magazine has this most enlightening article for all the new faux paus committed around the GF-ers. Actually, saying these things to anyone who has allergies (“I tried soy nut butter once and it was disgusting!” to a peanut allergic person) is rude. Not to […]

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Flat Out: Flatbread

Flatbread, pancakes, Welsh cakes–griddled breads give me problems. I either burn or undercook them. There is no middle ground. There is, however, old poetry from 2010. Syrupy Solution to a Sticky Situation A frying pan holds everything you ever could desire as you pour the batter sings— Quick!  Turn down the dial. Domestic chores don’t bring much joy […]

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Pie by Design

Two pies.   Last week I made a pumpkin mousse pie using the Whole Foods pumpkin mousse recipe, substituting pecans and pumpkin for the cashews and squash (and using less coconut milk), in a raisin-oat piecrust.  ‘Twas mucho good.     Two words: black cocoa.

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